A Vampire: The Requiem Story…

‘Asya’… in an old tongue, it means “born in a time of grief.”
And, though that language has fallen into darkness, like the
rest of our world, I can think of no better example of ‘asya’ than tonight.
For the Lady is dead, and even we Kindred, with emotions like shadows,
weep at her passing. The throne of Tenebrae is vacant – Elysium
shattered – and the clans vie for that seat of power. More frightening are
the whisperings that the Dracul, ruling forever in the Devil’s castle,
may come to claim it… to claim us. The Danse is quickening – the board
is set. Indeed, for those born here and now in our ruined Ars,
‘asya’ may be all they ever know…

‘Nocturne of Asya’ is an online-only campaign featuring White Wolf’s World of Darkness
and Vampire: The Requiem systems. The campaign is still in the planning stages, and
more information will be added to this website as it becomes available.

Nocturne of Asya

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